Dabby DabPadz™Hi there! I’m Dabby and I am The Original Silicone Dab Pad, I am unique and very useful when it comes to dabbing!

DabPadz  is created from durable 1/4″ fabric top Shock Absorbent Rubber or  1/8″  Non-Stick heat resistant Food & Medical Grade Silicone.  DabPadz is the best choice for protecting your favorite dab rigs, water pipes or glass from hard surfaces and accidents. DabPadz Silicone is the best choice for preparing using and keeping your concentrates safe from getting stuck somewhere you cant remove and placing hot tools on the surface. DabPadz are available in various shapes and sizes with your choice of Fabric Top, Velvet Touch and multiple Silicone Designs!

Fabric Top: Created from durable  1/4″ shock absorbent neoprene rubber.
Velvet Touch: 8″ x 7.5″ 1/8″ Velvet soft surface like a peach!
Mats: Created from durable 10″x 16″ 1/8″ shock absorbent neoprene rubber.
Silicone: 8″ x 1/8″ thick shock absorbent 100% Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone. The Shock Absorbent Heat Resistant printed top surface is recommended for resting your glass on for protection. The Bottom surface is a Non-Stick Medical Grade Silicone heat resistant play station!

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